Doors & Windows

At Anveet Arts, we have pioneered the use of
galvanised steel for making doors and door frames,
instead of wood and aluminium.


Lower Cost






Better Looks


Easier Installation


Quicker Manufacturing

  • material Entrance Doors
  • material Balcony Doors
  • material Safety Doors
  • material Sliding-Folding Doors
  • material Multipurpose Flush Doors

We specialize in making galvanised steel doors of various kinds of residential and commercial applications .
Our solutions are highly customised to suit your needs .

We have various options and designs for each of the types of doors, single shutter, two shutter, three shutter or even 4 shutter options
in some designs such as sliding-folding doors, French doors and more.

We also have various design options for windows to go with our
door designs. At Anveet Arts, our motto is “security with beauty”
and this is reflected in our exquisite designs and products which
can be customised to fit into your vision and establishment. Our team is well-equipped with both knowledge and technology.

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